Edwin Long_1829-1891.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_A Votary of Isis.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_An Egyptian Feast.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Anno Domini.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Eastern Lily.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Edward_Ward, 4th Viscount Bangor, on a Yacht.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Egyptian Beauty.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Lieutenant Colonel George James Mouat MacDowell.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Lord Randolph Churchill.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Love's Labour Lost.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Mary Dickinson, Viscountess Clifden.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Pharaoh's Daughter - The Finding of Moses.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Ready for the Bath.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Stafford Henry Northcote, 1st_Earl of Iddesleigh.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_Study for Ruth Gathering Wheat.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_The Approval.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_The Chosen Five.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_The Date Seller.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_The Daughters of Our Empire. England - The Primrose.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_The Honourable Harriet Margaret Maxwell, Viscountess Bangor.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_The Ionian Pottery Seller.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_The Palace Guard.jpg Edwin Long_1829-1891_To her Listening Ear Responsive Chords of Music came Familia.jpg Edwin Long_1866_De camino, Granada.jpg Edwin Long_1866_Uncle Tom and Little Eva.jpeg Edwin Long_1870_A question of propriety.jpg Edwin Long_1873_The Moorish Proselytes of Archbishop Ximenes, Granada, 1500.jpg Edwin Long_1875_Babylonian Marriage Market.jpg Edwin Long_1877_A Dorcas meeting in the 6th century.jpg Edwin Long_1879_Esther, the Jewish queen of Persia.jpg Edwin Long_1879_Vashti Refuses the King's Summons.jpg Edwin Long_1880_The Assyrian Captive.jpg Edwin Long_1880_The Eastern Favorite.jpg Edwin Long_1886_The Mandolin Player.jpg Edwin Long_1888_Alethe Attendant of the Sacred Ibis in the Temple of Isis at Memphis.jpg